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Over time your vehicles finish loses its luster due to: road wear, maintenance washes, improper handling, UV damage and a variety of environmental conditions. Whether you’re considering applying Paint Protection to your vehicles surface, or you’ve reached the end of your lease and are need of a refresh, Allure can help!

What is a Paint Correction? Paint Correction is a process by which the clear coat on your vehicle is restored through a series of steps that incorporate machine polishers, abrasive compounds, down to ultra refined jeweling polishes. This process can often be the most time consuming aspect of all our services. Our goal during this process is to remove unsightly defects such as: surface scratches, swirling, marring, hard water etching, etc. ultimately refining the clear coat to enhance gloss, clarity and depth to your vehicles finish. 

 A common misconception is that new vehicles have perfect paint and don’t require attention or correction. Vehicles experience a considerable amount of handling from the time they leave the manufacturer (particularly when they’re being shipped from overseas). There are typically various carriers involved, they are loaded and unloaded several times before the dealership receives it. Once the dealer gets their hands on your brand new vehicle they go through a pre-delivery preparation process that consist of removing protective plastics, and cleaning it. Most of the damage occurs at this point. We can often save you the cost of a full correction when the initial prep and wash is performed correctly.

There is no single solution for every car and we take our time to consider all variables and develop a strategy that’s best for you and your investment.


  • Polish
  • Spot Treatment
  • Single-Stage Correction
  • Multi-Stage Correction
  • Full Restoration
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